By Andrea Villanova
10th February 2018
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NYRC 2018 AGM - Read here for details on attending the AGM, RSVPing, and getting info on how to help run the club.

NYRC's 2017 AGM will be Monday, February 26, 7:00PM at The Liberty (29 W 35th St, New York, NY 10001).

Save the date, and plan on coming! We'll have our annual elections for directors and officers and get updates on club business. Please let us know you're coming by RSVPing here or on Facebook!

(*Note you must have paid your team's dues to be eligible to vote or run. Get your dues paid for the spring season! If you have any questions, see your VP.)

If you can't make it have no fear, you can vote by proxy!
Nominate your proxy here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1bIJjNpPNpaVolbnQUHquoyDWdCuKnwlZ0OqhDjktrPE/edit

If you have ever thought about getting more involved with our NYRC family, please consider running for a director or officer position.

Why become an officer or director?
Do I want to contribute and keep the club running, or improve it?
Do I want resume-building experience running a non-profit?
Do I want resume-building experience running a business?

These are all reasons to think about helping out as a director or officer! We are in critical need of filling a few positions this year.
Get more info and/or register your interest here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1Dmo8bCy6_DlzPVthrYqY9oslfk-98YVZPeYh-LDcngI/edit

Directors (Board Members)

Directors are ultimately in charge of the club. They oversee the officers, and make long-term strategic plans. They are also responsible for securing long-term funding and success for the club.
There are several director positions available this year, and each is for a 3-year term. Time commitment: You'll have to make 1 board meeting per quarter, and a handful of other meetings depending on projects. Approximately 1 hrs/week.

(All roles are a 1-year term)

The president is in charge of the day-to-day operations, oversees the other officers, and reports to the directors (but gets to be one too!). It is email intensive and often response-time sensitive, so good communicators are essential. You're responsible for the general health of the programs, working with other clubs, and overseeing and executing on club-wide decisions. Comes with a great support staff, and is a terrific resume item!
Time commitment: You'll have to make 1 board meeting per quarter, and a handful of other meetings depending on projects. Approximately 5 hrs/week.

The treasurer is the guardian and executor of club finances. The treasurer is charged with providing summaries of club finances to the board and membership, and making sure spending is disbursed correctly and taxes are filed.
Time commitment: You'll have to make 1 board meeting per quarter, and prepare financial reports once a quarter. Approximately 5 hrs/week.

The secretary ensures the club operates according to its legal obligations and maintains the organization's relationship with the government. This entails maintaining proper records of meetings and operations, communicating to the membership, and ensuring compliance with the by-laws.
Time commitment: You'll have to make 1 board meeting per quarter, and routinely work via email and the website to facilitate other operations. Approximately 2 hrs/week.

Vice President (High School)
The HS VP administers the HS program. NYRC runs the HS program to serve boys and girls in the community by providing an opportunity to play rugby after school. The VP hires and administrates coaches, communicates with players and parents, schedules games, liaises with local rugby unions and USA rugby, writes budgets for the program, and works to secure funding for the program via grant writing. This position has a lot of freedom in how the details are executed, including hiring staff and working with the NYRC board to operate the program.

You can view these position descriptions in the Governance section of our club website at: http://www.newyorkrugby.nyc/a/governance-51391.html
View the AGM on our club calendar here: http://www.newyorkrugby.nyc/calendar/event/nyrc-annual-general-meeting-2018-378248

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